The company specialises in the supply of helicopters specially modified for geophysical and geological surveys. Ancillary equipment such as radar altimeters, GPS receivers, and flight following systems are standard on all survey aircraft. Cargo hooks, mirrors, and a vertical reference window are used for underslung survey. Specially designed and SACAA approved carbon fibre booms are fitted for the NRG XPlorer™ system.

The AS350B3 known for its exceptional underslung load capabilities is proven to be the ideal platform for the NRG Xcite™ towed array.

The AS350 is ideal for the close terrain following required for geophysical surveys. The unique Starflex rotor system and ample power ensure that even the most stringent survey specifications are maintained. Collectively, our pilots have over 20 000 hours survey experience ensuring that surveys are completed in a safe, professional, and timely manner. All helicopters are fitted with custom-made, long-range fuel tanks.

The Pilatus PC-6 aircraft is renowned for its ability to fly slowly. To compliment the slow survey speed, the aircraft has been fitted with long-range fuel tanks markedly improving the aircraft’s endurance. The aircraft’s ability to operate from extremely short bush airstrips, and its exceptional safety record make it the ideal platform for survey in remote locations.

The Reims-Cessna F406 Caravan II (or Cessna F406) is a turboprop twin-engine utility aircraft. Renowned for its suitabilty to maritime patrol capabilities, the F406 allows Skyhorse Aviation to carry out surveys in hostile environments that are not suitable for single engine aircraft.

The Cessna F406 is a highly adaptable aircraft, and one capable of handling rough ground. With good range and payload capacity, it can take on a variety of roles. The aircraft is valued for its dependability, versatility and rough-field capabilities while meeting international regulatory requirements for offshore operations

Geophysical Survey
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