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August 2019

Our team have been flying NRG’s Xact Mag Spec survey close to Tete in Mozambique. The project was successfully completed in two weeks. The short ferry home with our Pilatus PC-6 included a stop in Nampula and Beira.

Skyhorse Aviation’s pilots are highly experienced in our underslung EM loop operations. ZS-RSB (AS350B3), based in Australia, has completed four small Xcite surveys this month.


July 2019

The Skyhorse team is preparing to mobilise our AS350B2, AS350B3 and PC6 this month to Lesotho, Mozambique and Botswana respectively. We will be carrying out Airborne Geophysical Surveys for NRG Exploration.


June 2019

Skyhorse Aviation has been awarded a 3-month contract to supply an AS350B3 helicopter for a helicopter time domain electromagnetic and magnetics survey (EM) in East Timor, South East Asia. The aircraft is currently being packed into a container. The journey via sea will take 35 days to reach its destination. Our engineer will re-assemble the aircraft on arrival.


May 2019

Our Pilatus PC-6 (ZS-PWS) is currently in West Africa, completing a Xact ™

Survey in Burkina Faso. The Pilatus PC-6 is renowned for its ability to fly slowly. The aircraft’s ability to operate from extremely short bush airstrips, and its exceptional safety record make it the ideal platform for survey in remote locations. The ferry home will take approximately seven days to get back to South Africa and will take the crew through Cotonou, Republic of Congo, Angola, Namibia and Botswana


April 2019

Skyhorse is getting our AS350B2 ready to mobilise to Central Africa to carry out an airborne survey in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The AS350 (now known as the H125) is ideal for close terrain following required for geophysical surveys. The unique Starflex rotor system and ample power ensure that even the most stringent survey specifications are maintained.

ZS-RSB based in Australia has also had a busy month and is currently flying helicopter time domain electromagnetic and magnetics survey. The AS350B3 known for its exceptional underslung load capabilities is proven to be the ideal platform for NRG Xcite™  towed array.


March 2019

Skyhorse Aviation’s AS350B3 (H125) and AS350B (H125) had a busy month in Madagascar carrying out charters from Nosy Be as well as constructing drill rigs at the potential Sohafika hydro-electrical dam

Later in the month we also ferried ZS-PCZ back to South Africa and ZS-RSS to Antananarivo.

ZS-RUG which has been in the Middle East since 2010 is due for her 12 year inspection. The ferry back to South Africa is scheduled to take about two weeks and will take the crew through Turkey, Italy, Greece, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo, Angola, Namibia and Botswana.

ZS-RWT will be mobilizing to Middle East to carry on with the Xplorer ™

Mag Spec Aerial Survey.


February 2019

ZS-XTR has mobilized to Mozambique to carry out a magnetic and radiometric aerial survey (Xact ™) The Pilatus PC-6 aircraft has unparalleled STOL (short take off and landing) performance which allows surveys in remote environments.


January 2019

Skyhorse Aviation has been contracted by to supply an AS350B3 (H125) in Lesotho as aerial support moving drill rigs and personnel at their two sites where they will be carrying out testing for a potential dam site. The AS350B3 is ideal for heavy sling work associated with drilling programs. The project is expected to take 4 – 6 weeks to complete.


December 2018 | News

Skyhorse Aviation has been operating four helicopters in Madagascar during the Election season. Two rounds of campaigning and ballot collections kept us very busy during October, November and December. Andry Rajoelina was announced the winner and new President of Madagascar.


June 2015

ZS-RZW will be flying a flying a ultra low level magnetic and radiometric survey in Eastern Kenya. The XPlorer™ gradiometer system is the industry benchmark in high resolution airborne magnetic and radiometric mapping.


January 2015

ZS-XTR is enroute from South Africa to West Africa for a series of Xact™ surveys across Burkino Faso and Mali. At the heart of New Resolution Geophysics’ Xact™ fixed-wing magnetic and radiometric system is the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter aircraft. Renowned for its safety and ability to fly slowly, this aircraft is the ideal platform for high resolution airborne surveys.
The ferry will take approximately 6 days and will take the crew through Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Gabon, Republic of Congo, Equitorial Guinea, Cameroon, Nigeria and Benin before entering Burkino Faso.


October 2014

ZS-XTR will be carrying out a regional low level magnetic and radiometric survey in the Postmasburg and Kuruman region. The survey will take approximately 2 months to complete and cover a distance in excess of 50 000 line kilometers. NRG Exploration cc specialises in the collection of high resolution geophysical data, for more information please visit:


May 2014

ZS-PWS has mobilised to Ukunda, Kenya where our crew will be flying an offshore magnetic and gravity survey. The Pilatus PC-6 is renowned for its Short Take-Off and Landing (STOL) capabilities, the airframe is of a rugged and low-maintenance construction, featuring high levels of accessibility and interchangeability allowing for easy installation of a wide variety of survey equipment.
Our PC-6’s are configured with a trap-door at the centre of the cabin floor allowing for the installation of various surveillance payloads.


July 2015

Skyhorse Aviation has mobilised a AS350B3+ to the Gibe 3 Hydro-electrical dam project on the Omo river in Southern Ethiopia, the helicopter will be supporting the geotechnical investigation of the proposed dam wall construction site. Our crew will be managing the relocation and construction of drill rigs and associated equipment and personal by helicopter. The environmental effects of drilling programs are significantly minimised by a helicopter-supported project. The underslung capabilities of the AS350B3 allow drill rigs to be broken down in to fewer pieces, saving time and money.


December 2013

Skyhorse Aviation is currently operating four AS350 helicopters in support of the 2013 Madagascar election campaign. All our helicopters are fitted with barrier filters allowing our pilots to land in harsh dusty environments without causing undue damage to the turbine engine. The AS350 is known for its exceptional hot and high performance capabilities and resilience against the harsh African environment.


October 2013

NRG Exploration cc has contracted Skyhorse Aviation to fly a low level magnetic and radiometric survey in the Otjozondjupa province, Namibia. The XPlorer™ gradiometer system is the industry benchmark in high resolution airborne magnetic and radiometric mapping.
The system utilises dedicated low-noise AS350 helicopters, non-magnetic composite horizontal-boom mountings, high speed synchronous data sampling and gradient sensor configurations.
With built-in maneuverability, super visibility and low vibration levels in the cabin, the AS350 (H125) helicopter has proven itself as the ideal platform for ultra low level survey applications.

zs-rsb and zs-rwt

JANUARY 2013 | Skyhorse helicopter ZS-RSB returns from the Middle East.

On Jan 18th, Skyhorse helicopter ZS-RSB returned to South Africa after 12 months in the Middle East. The arduous 11-day, 10,000 kilometer journey required 23 fuel stops in 13 different countries! But thorough preparation and detailed logistical planning ensured that our pilots had a smooth and problem-free trip.  ZS-RSB is now in for some scheduled maintenance and will be ready for the next task in February.


DECEMBER 2012 | ZS-RSS, ZS-RUG and ZS-RZW celebrate Christmas in the bush.

Due to a busy schedule and approaching deadlines we kept three aircraft operational over the festive season. Flying continued during Christmas and New Year ensuring all production remained on course. We would like to thank the crew for maintaining a high level of professionalism and safety throughout the merry season. Well done to all involved!

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