Skyhorse Aviation™ is proud to be a BARS registered aircraft operator.

Skyhorse Aviation™ only operates turbine powered aircraft. The AS350 helicopter has a proven track record and is ideal for operating in remote areas.The Pilatus PC-6 has an excellent safety record and is known for its versatility in all terrain and weather conditions. The Cessna F 406 allows Skyhorse Aviation to carry out tasks in hostile environments that are not suitable for single engined aircraft.

Skyhorse Aviation™ is proud to be a BARS registered aircraft operator.

Skyhorse Aviation™ adheres to a stringent set of safety standards aimed at reducing risk in all areas of operation. Safety is seen as an integral part of the company’s ethos. Skyhorse Aviation™ has adopted a reporting culture, where hazard and occurrence reporting is encouraged and documented to predict future trends. These trends and other factors are used in our comprehensive research undertaken to generate risk assessments prior to any project commencement. The Risk Assessment used is based upon the standard Helicopter Airborne Seismic Risk Assessment provided by the International Airborne Geophysics Association. (IAGSA).

In order to enhance the safety and efficiency of our operations, all aircraft have the following additional items fitted:

  • Satellite based flight following: The aircraft reports its position, speed, and heading every 2 minutes. Web access enables real-time plotting of the aircraft’s position. This service can provide clients with access to aircraft positioning by logging onto the website from anywhere in the world.
  • Both portable and fixed emergency locator beacons.
  • Emergency survival kit.
  • Comprehensive first aid kit
  • Satellite portable phones

Further measures are taken to maintain the highest levels of safety:

  • Pilots attend the following courses on an on-going basis: Crew Resource Management, Dangerous Goods Management, First Aid, Fire Fighting, Helicopter Underwater Escape Training (HUET), Ditching and Survival Training
  • Pilots are subjected to regular proficiency evaluations.
  • Comprehensive third party and passenger liability insurance.
  • International medical evacuation policies for our crews.
  • Helmets and flight suits are mandatory for field operations.
  • Safety meetings are conducted fortnightly to identify hazards and any potential risks during an operation.
  • Internal Health and Safety system

Health, Safety, Security & Enviromental Policy

All maintenance is outsourced to NRG AMO 279, a South African maintenance organisation that solely maintains the Skyhorse Aviation fleet.

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